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Fundamentals of
Microelectronics, 3/e
역/저자 Behzad Razavi
ISBN 9781119695141
판형 205 * 259
페이지 960
정가 55,000 원

Fundamentals of Microelectronics, 3rd Edition, is a comprehensive introduction to the design and analysis of electrical circuits, enabling students to develop the practical skills and engineering intuition necessary to succeed in their future careers. Through an innovative "analysis by inspection" framework, students learn to deconstruct complex problems into familiar components and reach solutions using basic principles. A step-by-step synthesis approach to microelectronics demonstrates the role of each device in a circuit while helping students build "design-oriented" mindsets.

The revised third edition covers basic semiconductor physics, diode models and circuits, bipolar transistors and amplifiers, oscillators, frequency response, and more. In-depth chapters feature illustrative examples and numerous problems of varying levels of difficulty, including design problems that challenge students to select the bias and component values to satisfy particular requirements. The text contains a wealth of pedagogical tools, such as application sidebars, chapter summaries, self-tests with answers, and Multisim and SPICE software simulation problems. Now available in enhanced ePub format, Fundamentals of Microelectronics is ideal for single- and two-semester courses in the subject.