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World Politics 4/e
역/저자 Jeffry A. Frieden, David A. Lake/ Kenneth A. Schultz
ISBN 9780393675122
판형 204 * 253
페이지 720
정가 45,000 원
With a framework based on interests, interactions and institutions, World Politics gives students the tools to understand international relations. In the thoroughly updated Fourth Edition, new Controversy units provide models for applying the concepts in each chapter to real-world issues and events. New InQuizitive activities-created and tested by instructors who teach with World Politics-then invite students to practise applying the analytical tools from the text to alternative examples and cases.
Developed and tested by a team of World Politics adopters led by Dustin Tingley (Harvard), with the guidance of the textbook authors, these assignable activities help students get the most out of their reading. InQuizitive’s adaptive approach ensures that each student receives a mix of questions keyed to his or her grasp of the material. As students progress through the InQuizitive activities, they answer questions about fundamental concepts as well as questions that involve applying the concepts to examples and cases. Detailed feedback at each step helps students stay on track.